Innovation. Community. Respect. Excellence.
Discipline. Humility. Integrity. Tolerance.

OCC MMA - The Heart and Passion of Mixed Martial Arts in the Netherlands
Discover the world of OCC MMA - the youngest, yet most dedicated MMA organization in the Netherlands. Our youth is our strength, and our passion for Mixed Martial Arts guides everything we do.

Every event we organize is not just a fight but a true spectacle for the eyes. Here, in the heart of the Netherlands, you can witness fights at the highest international level. Only at OCC MMA do the world's greatest fighters come together to engage in thrilling duels for supremacy in the octagon.

Our values are clear and unshakable. The safety of fighters, genuine passion for the sport, fair competition, and respect for every opponent. Racism? It has no place with us. We are a community where everyone is given equal opportunities and treated with the respect they deserve.

We want every fighter we represent to have the chance to shine. Our goal is for their incredible skills to open doors to the world's biggest MMA organizations.

Welcome to the world of OCC MMA - where passion meets talent, and the heart beats to the rhythm of the fight.

There's one aspect that never fails to make MMA special, regardless of the promotion or weight class: tournaments. Some of the sport's most memorable moments have unfolded within these competitive brackets, and they always carry a unique aura. We're committed to ensuring that the OCC MMA - NFE 2024 tournament becomes an unparalleled spectacle in the world of MMA.

The mission of OCC MMA goes beyond only promoting amateur fighters; it embraces the vision to create a dynamic and electrifying show where recognized professional fighters also gather to deliver entertainment at the top of excellence. We are dedicated to providing a platform where top-tier professional fighters showcase their skills. We commit to deliver entertainment at the highest level, ensuring that each event is a spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide. OCC MMA aim to bridge the gap between emerging talents and seasoned professionals, merging them in the mission to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of mixed martial arts.

At OCC MMA, our mission is nothing short of a revolution in the world of amateur mixed martial arts. We've set out to craft an environment where amateur fighters originating from from every corner of the globe can showcase their incredible talents. We're dedicated to delivering a visual experience that not only matches but also surpasses the current production standards.

Our primary focus is on promoting amateur fighters into the international spotlight, providing them with a platform to gain the recognition they rightfully deserve. What sets us apart is our ambition for rewarding fighters in fair and honest way. We believe in acknowledging their commitment and sacrifices with an unmatched level of support.

But that's not all – our close partnerships with international MMA federations serve as a global passport for emerging talents. We're here to help them get recognition onto the international scene.